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How much will using FLY&I cost me?

Our clients often lose a lot of time trying to recover compensation on their own. A majority of them complain that the airline rejected their claim or simply ignored it. In some cases clients were offered a nominal amount in full and final settlement.

Thanks to FLY&I you will be stress free. We are responsible for the whole process of compensation recovery and take the risk in case the claim is unsuccessful – you pay nothing! We handle your claim free of charge. When the compensation is paid, we deduct our fee of 27% of the sum recovered and administration fee of 25 Euro. We charge vat on our fee at the rate of 23%.  Please note that sometimes the airlines offer compensation in vouchers. We will contact you and advise you whether this option is beneficial for you. If it is, we will treat the total sum of the vouchers as compensation recovered and will invoice you accordingly.  

Filing the form is completely free. If we do not recover the compensation, you do not pay any fee. You never run any financial risk and you are not obliged to cover any fees incurred by us while recovering your compensation.

When can I file a claim for denied boarding?

If you checked-in at the time specified by the airline with all required documentation and the airline denied you boarding you may be entitled to compensation.

Please remember that the airline has a right to refuse boarding for health and safety reasons, or if your documentation was missing. Also, if you volunteered to surrender your reservation, you will not be entitled to compensation.

What are my rights?

If you did not resign from travelling voluntarily, you are entitled to the following: Reimbursement of the ticket purchase price or travel (without extra fees) at a later time; Provision of meals, beverages and accommodation; Compensation of 250-600 EUR for each passenger depending on the length of the flight.

The claim

Following the online registration, we verify your claim and if necessary, request additional information or documents. Upon successful recovery of your compensation we will deduct our fee of 27% of the sum recovered and administration fee of 25 Euro. We charge vat on our fee at the rate of 23%.

Our success rate is 100% in justified cases. If the airline refuses to pay compensation relying on the defence of extraordinary circumstances, our experts will verify it. You will not be charged for this service.

It happens that airline refuses to pay the compensation, our legal team will take over your claim and will issue proceedings on your behalf. We cover all expenses of legal representation.

So you do not incur any costs!

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