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Time limits for filing your claim

If you travelled within the last six years and your flight was cancelled, delayed or you were denied boarding, you may have the right to compensation. The amount of the compensation depends on the travel distance and the duration of the delay.

How to file a claim

Nothing can be easier! All you need to do is to fill in the short application form on our website. It will take no more than 5 minutes. Confirmation of your flight details will be handy but not necessary as our system is designed to find your flight automatically after you provide the flight number. Your booking reference number is essential. You can start the process here.

Compensation proceedings

The process of claiming compensation for delayed flight, cancelled flight or denied boarding cannot be easier. All you have to do is complete the application form online. We will do the rest!

If you already contacted the airline, you may still request that we handle your case at any stage. If the airline rejected your claim, we will verify their reasons for doing so and believe us, these reasons will be thoroughly scrutinised by our experts and court if necessary. You save time and money entrusting your claim in us.

All our lawyers have the expertise and experience required in running cases against the airlines.

We do our best to simplify the claim procedure as much as possible. Once the application is filed we take care of the rest!

How much will using FLY&I cost me?

Our clients often lose a lot of time trying to recover compensation on their own. A majority of them complain that the airline rejected their claim or simply ignored it. In some cases clients were offered a nominal amount in full and final settlement.

Thanks to FLY&I you will be stress free. We are responsible for the whole process of compensation recovery and take the risk in case the claim is unsuccessful – you pay nothing! We handle your claim free of charge. When the compensation is paid, we deduct our fee of 27% of the sum recovered and administration fee of 25 Euro. We charge vat on our fee at the rate of 23%.  Please note that sometimes the airlines offer compensation in vouchers. We will contact you and advise you whether this option is beneficial for you. If it is, we will treat the total sum of the vouchers as compensation recovered and will invoice you accordingly.

Filing the form is completely free. If we do not recover the compensation, you do not pay any fee. You never run any financial risk and you are not obliged to cover any fees incurred by us while recovering your compensation.

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