Submit a claim and get 600 Euro compensation!

Check compensation!


Submit a claim and get 600 Euro compensation!

Check compensation!


Submit a claim and get 600 Euro compensation!

Check compensation!

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Flight cancellation

It often happens that the airlines oversell the tickets for a particular flight. It also happens that despite having all documents necessary to travel, passengers are denied boarding against their will. In order to find out if you are entitled to compensation for denied boarding complete our online form and we will check the facts and verify whether the compensation is due. We will need a few pieces of information, such as boarding pass or/and alternative flights that were offered in order to verify available data correctly and prepare the claim.

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Flight delay

There are several criteria which need to be fulfilled to obtain compensation for a delayed flight. If you say „YES” to the questions listed below, it is very likely that you are entitled to compensation of between 250-600 euro per passenger.

  • Did the fly occur within the last six years?
  • Did the plane take off or land within EU or it was the flight with airline companies in the EU countries?
  • Was the flight delayed by 3 hours?
  • Was the flight delayed by reason other than adverse weather conditions at the airport of departure or arrival?
  • Was the flight delayed by reason other than the Air Traffic Management decision which impacted directly on your flight?
If you are not sure or you do not remember whether the above criteria apply to your flight, use our free online compensation calculator service. Here, swiftly you can find out if your claim is valid and verify the value of your claim. Complete the online calculator and you will get the answer!

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Denied boarding

FLY&I is your solution when dealing with the issues arising out of the problematic flights. Were your direct complaints ignored or rejected by the airlines? Perhaps you simply do not have time or energy do deal with your claim personally? Instructing FLY&I to recover your compensation may be the solution you need. Our comprehensive compensation service for flight cancellation is highly professional which is evidenced by thousands of successfully recovered compensations. Your claim is in safe hands.

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Cooperation offers

For Individuals

We are looking for business partners from all over the European Union. If you have a good business acumen, live in the European Union, speak fluently in a language of the country you live in, travel a lot and would like to earn while travelling by being our ambassador, please contact us.
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For Travel Agents

Sick and tired of the airlines negatively affecting the reputation of your business? Partnering with us will provide a complex service to your clients, financial benefits to you and an unquestionable advantage over your competitors.
Do not allow flight disruptions to affect the reputation of your business.

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For Businesses

To businesses we offer a package which would enhance your employees experience and offer them extra cash if the business trip you have sent them on, did not go according to plan.
We represent many businesses in obtaining compensation on behalf of their frequently travelling employees; all at preferential rates!
If you would like to learn more, please contact us.

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We reserve the right to use and control your data contained in the application form only for the recruitment and cooperation purposes. Please note your details will not be disclosed to any third party or kept by us after your application is unsuccessful. To amend/remove your personal data please contact:

What am I entitled to?

European regulations give you a right to compensation for delayed flight, cancelled flight and denied boarding. The sums of compensation vary between 250-600 EUR depending on the distance of your flight.

The right to compensation for delayed or cancelled flight was established in order to protect passengers' rights.

Initially, the Regulation was addressed to passengers who were denied boarding or whose flight was cancelled. In October 2012 the European Court of Justice increased the application of the EC Regulation 261/2004 to those passengers whose flights were delayed by three hours.

Additionally, you have the right to recover expenses incurred as a result of lack of adequate care from the airline.

The amounts of compensation vary as follows:

Flight distance Delay Compensation amount
Up to 1500 km More than 3 hours 250 EUR (ca. £205)
1500 km -3 500 km or between two member countries of EU Over 3 hours 400 EUR (ca. £325)
Over 3500 km 3-4 hours 300 EUR (ca. £245)
Over 3500 km Over 4 hours 600 EUR (ca. £490)

FlyAndI App

Flying away? Take our application with you. You never know when you might need us. With our app you can register your claim at the airport or on the plane.

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